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About us

Welcoming you to Alder Inn are Michael and Laura Wharry and their children, Chloe and Forest. Although the Wharrys have lived most of their lives in Texas, they have had a long-time connection with the Lake Tahoe area. Laura and Michael were married at Cal-Neva Resort in 1999 and have returned for winter ski vacations almost every year since then.

While living in Houston, Laura owned a bridal shop where her focus was always helping her customers achieve their goals.  Michael has worked in the financial industry until 2015 when he and Laura decided to follow the dream they have shared for many years. They have always wanted to live in a beautiful place where health and fitness and experiencing the wonders of the natural world were part of everyday living, as close as their own front door. And since they always had such an open door policy in their home, they often joked about being the local hotel for the family. So being innkeepers is not a completely new role.

Michael and Laura have traveled widely in North America, South America, and Europe. Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, they have always been on the lookout for a place where they could live the life they dreamed of. South Lake Tahoe and Alder Inn is that place. They invite you to join them and enjoy.

The Wharry Family

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